Go-Kart Mozart (We're Selfish & Lazy & Greedy)

GO-KART MOZART / We're Selfish & Lazy & Greedy / West Midlands Records / The first single by this new Lawrence (of Felt and Denim) band and first release on the new Cherry Red imprint (created especially for him!) West Midlands Records.


Personally I think this is just the tops. Even with the ridiculously short 5:18 length of this single (#1 = 3:02, #2 = 1:32, #3 = 0:44) it is my favorite release on offer this week. All three songs are completely there, not lacking or needing anything. The principal song ("We're Selfish & Lazy & Greedy") has unbelievable catchy and fun lyrics (printed inside the J card) and a tune to match, with that timeless voice you either love or hate. When Felt first started they were the epitomy of cool, wearing the fringe and flannel like early Orange Juice at a time that Echo & The Bunnymen were enjoying peak success. Felt put out a true cartload of records and singles before breaking up. People still hold them as their all time favorite band. His post Felt band Denim was never held in much regard that I heard. This new band (Newtown Grunts, THIS is an example of a great band name: learn!) really brings it all together for me. Lawrence now uses electronics instead of his guitar, in a kind of casiopop way not too far removed from bands such as Supercute. Go-Kart Mozart have followed up this EP with a great full length called "Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture" that all three of these songs are also on.