Denim - Denim On Ice * * *

Reviewed: October 2000
Genre: Rock & Pop
Label: Echo
Release Date: 1996-02-19

From the people who brought an authentic cover version of '70s TV show theme Robin's Nest comes a second LP, four years in the making and featuring a cast list of hundreds (including some of The Glitter Band). The brainchild of former Felt frontperson Lawrence, Denim are a mixture of '70s glam and new wave powerpop, with Lawrence himself sounding like Lou Reed, if he'd been signed to early '70s label Bell Records. His definition of pop is "catchy songs that you can whistle from guys who wear what they want". This 18-track follow-up to 1992's Back In Denim certainly has its fair share of whistlers, not to mention a terrific, wry sense of humour. Starting with The Great Pub Rock Revival - Lawrence's music media critique - Denim On Ice is a jolly record which pulls no punches. Squelchy synths, big drums, songs about supermodels, the New Romantic revival and in-jokes about his former label Cherry Red abound. An acquired taste, but at least it's not Mike Flowers Pops.

Reviewed by Steve Lamacq