Denim Novelty Rock

Reviewed: October 2000
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: Emidisc

All-electronic, tiny-sounding, relentlessly tacky and vile, this is the logical conclusion of Lawrence Hayward's increasingly cancerous obsession with novelty '70s pop. Reedy-voiced brummie Hayward, author of Felt's pretty '80s guitar tingles, launched this loopy new phase with 1992's Back In Denim, proving that it wasn't a one-off conceptual jape when last year's robust, funny Denim On Ice emerged. Yet this stop-gap collection of re-recorded B-sides, weak leftovers and tossed-off newies (The New Potatoes is a speeded-up Hayward singing "We are The New Potatoes" for one minute and 52 seconds) is a gag too far. Novelty pop music about novelty pop music is all very arch and clever, but it's no Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.

Reviewed by Danny Eccleston