Nigel Bryant's review

Denim - Back In Denim 1992

From the opening intro steal of Queen's "We Will Rock You", you'll either get this or you won't. Denim have the power to polarise music fans like few other bands I have come across - "it sounds like songs from Not The Nine O'Clock News" said one friend, most people hate 'em or don't understand 'em .Sick of fey indie rock Lawrence liquidated Felt for a radically different approach. Denim's influences included MOR, punk, 70's TV themes; Lawrence acknowledged the fact by naming one compilation Novelty Rock. Anyone prepared to scratch the surface can see that not only is Lawrence serious & driven as a lyricist but the music is also amazingly well produced - this isn't a big joke, he fuckin' means it, man. That's not to say Denim aren't funny cos they can be hilarious - well, you just have to hear it, I suppose...keep your receipt! As Lawrence would say "Don't be told who to like". Unacknowledged GENIUS.