.Red Indians (Felt box set version)
.Something sends me to sleep (SSMTS 7" b-side)
.Buried Wild Blind
.Fire Circle
.Female Star
.Break it
.Bottoming out (link to the site): a live cover of Lou Reed's (from Legendary Hearts, 1983). From Stampida II, a compilation tape released by the spanish fanzine STAMP (1988).
.Candles in a church
.Crucifix Heaven
.Dance of Deliverance
.My Face is on Fire
.Tuesday's Secret
.Tuesday's Secret (Watoo Watoo cover) or in here
.Primitive Busfahrer (Die Busfahrer version) or in here
.Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow promo version
.Sunlight Strings
.Now summer's spread its wings again
.Penelope Tree covers in here and another in here
.Janice Long sessions 1984 here and here
.My Face is on Fire (cover by Perio)
.Meg Baird - Wave crashed on rocks cover
.Free (cover by Orlando)
.I'll die with my head in flames cover
.Primitive Painters (Manic Street Preachers cover)
.Final Resting of the ark cover
.The World Is As Soft As Lace cover

.Denim - The Osmonds (Later with Jools Holland, 1992)
.Denim - I saw the glitter on your face (Later with Jools Holland, 1992)
.Denim - Internet curtains (7" version)
.Denim - Glitter all over again
.Turbonegro - Back in Denim cover
.The Wisdom of Harry - I'll cry at Christmas (John Peel Xmas Special - 21st December 2000)
.Elephant trunk (only available in GKM's 2001 edition cd)
.Summer smash (Denim)
.We're selfish and greedy (Go-kart Mozart) Elefant Records site
.Several tracks from Go-kart Mozart page in Elefant Records site
.Several tracks from Fly's page in Elefant Records site (also Multiplex videoclip)
.Lawrence on Radcliffe and Maconie Show - BBC 6 Music (11-05-2012)
.Lawrence interview - - 28 June 2003
.Radio 1 Interview - 1992
.Future Radio Weekly radio show with Lawrence (12/3/2018). Presented by David Eastaugh
.Juicebox: A Music Podcast - Lawrence interviewed by Hunter


.Here's the link to watch Lawrence of Belgravia Q&A (Paul Kelly and his documentary subject Lawrence discuss their collaboration following a screening of Lawrence of Belgravia at the 55th BFI London Film Festival)

Felt - On The Tyne (Newcastle Radio Interview 1987)

LAWRENCE from FELT by Domino Radio on Mixcloud
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FELT Live @ Subterraneans, Greenock, Scotland, Jannuary 1987 (increase screen brightness)

Felt - When The Dawn Starts Creeping In (from A Declaration DVD)

Felt - Grey Streets (from A Declaration DVD)

Felt - Primitive Painters (Slightly different from the official clip with some inserted images, like Phil King making effects with a mirror for instance)

Denim - Middle of the road (videoclip)

Denim - Middle Of The Road (Later with Jools Holland, 12.11.92)

Go-Kart Mozart - Summer is here (live at Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2006)

Go-Kart Mozart - We're selfish and lazy and greedy (live in Blekingska, Lund Papa)

Go-Kart Mozart - Wendy James (Live at Ace, Stockholm, 14/10/2006)

Go-Kart Mozart - Electric rock & roll (Live at Ace,Stockholm, 14/10/2006)

Go-Kart Mozart - At the DDU (live at Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2006)

Rockin' Party (Hong Kong band) - The World Is As Soft As Lace

The C86 All Stars - Penelope Tree (live at Club NME in Los Angeles @ Spaceland, December 27th, 2006)

Phil Wilson with Arash Torabi (The Painted Word) live at the Phoenix, Exeter, performing Penelope Tree

Lawrence on the Cherry Red Acceptance Speech - MOJO Honours List 2008
Cherry Red founder Iain McNay accepts the MOJO Catalogue Release of the Year Award for the Pillows & Prayers compilation, flanked by label luminaries from Eyeless In Gaza, The Monochrome Set and Felt...

Comet Gain performing Ballad of the Band at the Macbeth, London - 28/02/09

Darren Rademaker - Your Tattoos (the Tyde) and Silver Plane (Felt Cover)

Go-Kart Mozart - Wendy James Live in London on: 15th May 2009

Manic Street Preachers -Primitive Painters (Japanese Bonus Track)

Snakebite by Peter Skellern

Lawrence interviews Pete Astor (The Weather Prophets/The Loft) about his latest album, 'Songbox'. Film by Paul Kelly, part 1

Lawrence interviews Pete Astor (The Weather Prophets/The Loft) about his latest album, 'Songbox'. Film by Paul Kelly, part 2

Lawrence Of Belgravia - Trailer

Primitive Painters - Felt cover for Hankthetank's Ukulele Video Contest

GO-KART MOZART Marc Riley 30th April 2013

Here's more YOUTUBE videos you can search for!!

Acoustic Cover of Felt's classic Penelope Tree by Ceri James

Foxes In Fiction - "The World Is As Soft As Lace @ L'espace B (Paris), December 12th 2011

FELT - Stained Glass Windows - (1987, ULU London, UK) - From a Declaration DVD, by Cherry Red

The Hermetic Order "Stained Glass Windows In the Sky", Directed by St Catharina

Real Estate - Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow [BBC Radio 1 Session]

Ballad of the Band, by ghostlyanimal

Voxtrot - Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow

Sea Pinks - Ballad of the Band (Side project of Neil, the drummer of Girls Names)

LALALA CREW, covering Felt "Ballad of the Band" Live @ the BHV, in Dijon.

Silverspy - Space Blues [Live at World Trade Centre 1993]

"Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow" by Real Estate at Matt's apartment in Greenpoint, BK

Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow (guitar cover), by ghostsurfrider

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