1) Who the Faq is runing this show?
- Me, Rui Kalda, a portuguese fan, in redemption for missing the 1988 Felt gig in Lisbon. Still paying for it.

2) Ah portuguese! buenos dias. Mi gusta el sol y las sevillanas
- Dah!! that's spanish (sort of). It's a different language...and country.

3) What has been Lawrence's contribution to his site?
- None. Lawrence acknowledges the site, but he's not into the cyberspace thing...and doesn't seem to care.

4) How about the rest of the gang?
- Phil King and I exchange thoughts ocasionally and he feeds me some articles. Neil Scott left a post, also Phil Jones, Tony Willé and Francis Sweeney left their experience with Felt. Maurice Deebank left a declaration in the Felt Forum (March/April 2010)

5) Where do I get a free copy of a certain Felt album? (do you know what I'm saying?)
- Not in here. Really guys, if you like Felt, buy it. Go to Links section to see where. Don't ask me copies of any originals, I won't make copies!

6) But I want a bootleg...and some rare tracks
- Ok, in some cases I do make some exceptions. If it's an unreleased track (on cd), mail me. I've some bootlegs, but I prefer to exchange, not sell. You show me yours, I'll show you mine.

7) Rui, you seem a nice guy, I'm very rich and I want to make a donation
- Thanks, but keep your money, buy a Felt cd and give it to someone you like (or hate, if she/he is a shoegaze hater).

8) I'd like to get in touch with Lawrence
- Lawrence has an agent right now, but I don't have his contact. So please contact Cherry Red. If it's something very very important I can manage to get your message thru to Lawrence. I have no direct line to Lawrence, although I've been in touch with him twice, I keep my profile very low. I'm not the star in this show.

8) What happened to the old Felt site at felt.planetaclix.pt and the other at webs?
- From 2008 on, Clix (server provider) started allowing access to his servers only to Clix clients with Clix ISP's. My free wi-fi is not Clix and I'm not willing to pay 20 euros month just to access my Felt site servers. You can access the new site through felt-tribute.webs.com.
Right now this is the official unofficial site.