This a form for me to say thanks and praise all Felt fans for their contributions to this site. Those whose names I forgot in the process, please mail me to be credited.

Andrew Hart from Creation Records for his help.
Trino (Málaga, Spain), for Denim/Go-kart Mozart lyrics and simpathy. Thanks for helping me practicing some spanish. A 5 stars fan!
Alistair Fitchet (UK) from Tangents for "The Man Who Was Not With It" article.
Sean Davies (England) for the copy of Records collector article on Felt.
Adrian Denning for his excelent Felt cd review page and for supporting mine.
Jeigh (made the 1st Felt and Denim page), Rob and Christian for the lyrics transcription.
J.C. Brouchard (France) for his Felt photo.
Jim and the fabulous Paul Barr (Scotland) for his live Felt photos&posters. I can't thank him enough. Praise Jim Sweeney for taking the photos.
Roderick M. for the scans.
Pitó, Rodrigo Preto and Patrícia Arriaga (Lisbon, Portugal), for giving me (for FREE) their Felt lps. 200 karma points each!
José Polido (Marinha Grande, Portugal) for the scans, reviews and bootlegs.
Martin Davies (UK) from Fly, for his tips, complement and attention.
James Bloomfield for the discography info. Never replied though..huuum
William Crane (USA) for his excelent Felt article.
David Johnson (UK) for his scans on Denim and info.
Harry Bacon (San Diego, USA)for the Fly Press Release+cds and nice notes
Paul Bevan (Chester, UK) for the material (Ignite the 7 cannons & Strange idols pattern lyrics, etc.) and major support. A+ fan! many thanks!praise to you my friend, you've been a real pal!
Marcello Braga (Niterói, Brazil) for the support and material.Obrigado cara!
James Oldham (London, England) for the patient, support.
Brian Barress (Canton-Ohio, USA) for the Felt live material...thanks in advance.
Christophe Basterra (France), for the Lawrence interview and major support.
Todd E. Jones (New Jersey, USA), for the My face is on fire mp3 and major support in the messaging board. One of the most pro-active Felt fan.
Nigel Bryant, thanks for the suport and for your contributions to the site (i.e.: Summer smash lyrics).
Emmanuel Foricher (France) for his Lawrence photos. Still waiting for more...
France scores again: Thanks Michael (from the band Watoo Watoo) for his Felt live mp3
José Manuel Caturla from Alicante, Spain, for his articles and scans of Felt and Denim articles...a whole pack (about 15 articles!).
Tim Wright from Cherry Red records (London, England) for his major support, information on Felt and to show this site to Lawrence. I can't thank you enough.
From the land of evil (self quoting), came Eric Eggert (USA) with lots of articles to share. Can we all say thanks?!
Merci Marc Levy (France) for the Birmingham bootleg.
Paul Woods (England), Alan Leahy (USA) and all those fantastic fans with whom I trade information.
A big thanks to Terry Miles (UK)(from Denim and GKM) for his suport and 5 stars mails.
Mark Bursa (UK)for his tips on some bootlegs and trades.
Lee McFadden a "new" visitor and frequent e-pal, a big thanks for all the precious info and A+ article.
Thanks to Abílio Nova for the Felt ticket and great comunication.
A big aplause to Hugo Moutinho for his great Lawrence interview.
To Jörg from Germany for his major suport and bootlegs (Glasgow and Markthalle).
Ewen, for the Lyrics and reviews.
Bill Ayres for the Felt Burberries photos
Thanks to Bernhard Ihle from Germany for the fanzine copies.
A very warm thanks to Ida Bergström from Sweden for her suport and great mails!
To Mike Leader for "Strange Idols..." guitar tabs
From Portugal to Sweden: A big thanks for the detailed tab transcription by Tormod Bjontegaard
To Julian Ellis: got my first GKM's bootlegs!
Another portuguese on my list: Narciso suplied some Felt tabs
Tony Willé (ex-Felt)
for sharing his experience.
Andy Murray
(UK) for sharing his Denim articles and Supermodels mp3!
A big thanks to Chris Davidson and Paul Barr for sharing the Greenock video and for blind trust.
To Phil and Marta for their friendship and help.
JC Brouchard (from Vivonzeureux!), Christian and Mike (from Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango) for having the courage to publish FELT.
And what about Matthew Ingham? a big, Big BIG thanks to Matt for his support, helping me to keep the site updated.
Also a Felt fan, also in touch with Lawrence, a big big thanks to Gavin.

To the unquoted, thanks for the support.