Trick or treat - Lawrence, by Víctor Lenore (Rockdelux, May 2010)

(Retroversion by Rui Kalda)

"I'm returning to the womb"

My name is Lawrence, no surname, as credited in records. I was born in August 1961. I was raised in Birmingham (England). There aren't any musicians in my family. My father was a swing, big band and jazz fan. My mother listened to stuff like "My Fair Lady" or "Hello Dolly!". She liked Julie Andrews. They weren't music fans. At 12, when I asked for my first guitar, they tried to persuade me in any possible ways. My mother opposed severely; my father didn't, because our relation was so bad, we hardly talked. She said: "people like us, don't make music". She meant that we belonged to the working class. Sentenses like these can really hurt you bad, specially when you're a teenager, but I didn't surrender and I got the guitar at the age of 16.
I've always been able to automotivate. That's how I was able to get my drive to make music, although I was living in such a hostile environment. If I had to pick an external influence, I can mention Marc Bolan. I was in love with him. In those days, he was a constant presence in my life. The television showed T. Rex oftenly. I already wrote poems at the age of 12, don't know why. Maybe because I didn't had a guitar yet, or because Marc Bolan published a poetry book. Since then I always liked words and music lyrics that sounded like poems. I also turned into a student. I boughted religiously a monthly magazine called "The story of Pop" and learned from memory. At 14 I already knew everything about rock n'roll, psychedelica and songwriters. Another obsession was Television. They seemed to understand the grandness of guitar solos. People laugh at guitar solos, but they are just marvellous and only a minority knows how to play them. The trick is to give them a melodic element, something you can sing a long.

I have a strange relationship with my fans. To know something about me they have to try hard. Many data on my life are just speculation and rumours. I don't even have a web page. I enjoy having some mystery around me. I'd hate to convert into someone like Momus, always available to talk with everybody, 24 hours a day, through any social network available. I think being someone's fan is a job. You got to work it out and if a fan breaks through I listen to him. With Felt, we did a lyric with fragments from a letter addressed to me. But I never replied. It breaks the magic.