Quotation from "On Curators", by Momus
(...)Lawrence Hayward (Felt, Denim). I lived with his girlfriend / personal assistant at the beginning of the 90s, and was amazed at how well she knew his tastes. She would shoplift books of graphic design for him, send him his favourite confectionery when he was away in New York, make up scrapbooks of press cuttings about his favourite artists.

"It's been a strange old trip for Lawrence. Along the way there's been moody, melodic, guitar-fashioned dreams, Cocteau liaisons, a mild excursion into space blues and even a vibes-alive jazz jaunt before moving on to the spangled world of glam. But now, with past history packaged into the obligatory box-set, Lawrence, who all along declared that he just wanted to be a pop star, could be heading where he belongs. May his sequins always shimmer."

Taken from the N.M.E. 22nd may 1993

Extract from Adrian Borland's interview* ("Me and a Monkey on the moon" producer).

(...)Simon - That surprised me when I bought it and saw your name on it! What was it like?

Adrian - An absolute nightmare (laughs) Lawrence was the producer really, there's no way anyone's going to tell Lawrence what FELT'S going to sound like. But I think I really focussed them, there was a review in N.M.E that said FELT have never had so much direction, cue mention Adrian Borland, but not in N.M.E? (laughs) You know. Christ! The INTO PARADISE l.p.s' both got 9 and 10. But no mention of me, thanks a lot guys?(...)

Adrian - (...) I was going to say something about working with FELT again, it was really funny 'cos one day the guitarist's girlfriend, who Lawrence used to call "bubblehead" 'cos she had curly hair, he was in the studio doing his vocals, and the take was going alright, he always insisted on doing things first take, when he just stopped singing in the middle of a song. l said Lawrence... are you all right? It was dark 'cos all the lights had to go out when he sang, so he answers back, Did "bubblehead" just walk in? (laughs) Did a girl just walk in? I can't sing if there are any women in the studio"! Another thing, I was doing backing vocals...

Simon - Are you on the L.p?

Adrian - well no I'm not 'cos I sang so badly' I was wearing these black trousers and Lawrence could have sworn I had flared trousers on, they weren't! But he made me change into jeans!

Simon - So he is a bit strange.

Adrian - He is strange yes, Lawrence is gone! His new band's called DENIM.

Simon - Yeah I've heard a track.

Adrian - Have you, is it good?

Simon - It sounded good. it had a "Glitter band beat", it still sounds like them 'cos of his voice, but it's definitely "off the wall". Were there any unreleased SOUND recordings?(...)

"A brilliant pop conceptualist who should without doubt have his own label.
A person with brilliant care and attention to detail who is far talented for the miserable music biz industry. wants utopia and... why not?"

MIKE ALWAY (from Él Records) on Lawrence (1998)