Pitchfork: So Much For The Afterglow: The 20 Worst Post-Breakup Debacles

Number 13: Denim (Felt)
Proto-straightedge "puritan" Lawry Hayward took ten years to stop taking himself so seriously and have a laugh, only to spit out this hackneyed, session-backed bit of masturbation.
Taking "ironic" potshots at topics as obvious as punk rock ("Jane Suck Died In 77"), glam-- which, after enduring eight minutes of "The Osmonds", it turns out wasn't cool after all!-- and the 80s (unbelievably, the song is called "I'm Against The 80s"), Hayward chucked whatever anonymous credibility he enjoyed as a supposed indie wunderkind fronting Felt.
For such a voluminous catalog, Felt was a house of cards to begin with: in six filler-filled, lineup-shifting albums, his only hit was a heavily weighted collaboration with the Cocteau Twins, the excellent "Primitive Painters".
Vilely co-opting Stereolab's chic graphic sensibility, Denim strove to point the finger, but only reinforced stereotypes about fey Anglican posturing, predicting fetid wink-wink shit like the Divine Comedy.
Hayward sunk to borderline "Weird" Al Yankovic territory with his childish post-Denim solo project, Go Kart Mozart, recording a song called "Hip Op" about the Queen's failing health.
To quote "Primitive Painters", his one moment in the sun: "You should see my trail of disgrace/ It's enough to scare the whole human race."