Denim (Old News)

Notes by Bazooka!

.In the GKM's IWAIM inner sleeve it's announced a forthcoming maxi-single/min-album "Go-Kart Mozart tearing up the albums chart". (Is our boy a joker, or what?).(2002)

.Lawrence is currently working on his first solo album to be released soon by Poptones label. This label is run by Alan Mc Gee (ex-Creation records).(2002)

Alistair Fitchet was planing on writing a book on lawrence and Felt, but things didn't moved on. The mistery remains...(2002)

Denim played at the famous 100 Club (their first ever headline gig as far as I know) in London on 6th February. There's a free two-track CD given away to those lucky enough to be there, one of the tracks being recorded with The Glitter Band. [it's the Novelty rock promo]

They have now left Echo records and joined up with the Emidisc, the label owned by Bob Stanley of St. Etienne, and are currently working on a new LP. [that'll be Novelty rock]

Denim supported Pulp again on August 17th and 18th in Chelmsford and Warrington as part of two all-day two-stage festivals.

The most recent 18-track double LP is called "Denim On Ice" and was released in the UK on February 19th on Echo records. It features tracks called "Glue And Smack", "Synthesisers In The Rain", "Brumburger" and "The Great Pub Rock Revival".

Denim were in session on Mark Radcliffe's show on Radio One on Tuesday 6th February (1996). Mark also said that the new stuff again features the old Glitter Band members who played on "Back In Denim". The LP also features Glenn Matlock of Sex Pistols fame and former members of The Blockheads and The Buzzcocks.

You can read a review of the LP here.


You can now send off for a new Felt and Denim fanzine, written by Rosie and Harriet. It includes reviews of the new album and single and of their support slot at Pulp's Wembley Arena concert. It also has, and these are Harriet's words not mine, "lots of lovely glossy pictures of Lawrence". [I've sent a letter to them. No reply]

The fanzine costs one pound and a SAE. Make cheques payable to either Rosie Dee or Harriet Reuter-Hapgood. To order, or to contribute anything, the address is;

Harriet and Rosie,
36 Firgrove Hill,
GU9 8LQ.

You can also email Alex for more information