A Declaration to this site, by Neill Scott (Felt former guitar player)

(April 2003; Felt - a Tribute messaging board)

First of all great site, i'm amazed felt/demin have any following left at all !
i first met lawrence in 1984 when felt supported everything but the girl. i got to know the band pretty well and lawrence rang me at very short notice to replace maurice for a uk tour...
i played on poem and some b sides, then played on the first 2 denim cd's. in fact we demoed the albums on my 8 track and they sound uncannily like the studio efforts. i last spoke to lawrence just after go-cart motzart came out...
i loved playing on his stuff because he always gave me a wide birth and let me play what i wanted...sadly our working relationship declined because i grew tired of making the long trips down to london to record etc... i'll keep an eye out for this site...good on ya
Neil Scott