Meet the band [updated 2007]

Past and present members of Felt and Denim [and Go-Kart Mozart]
- Updates by Rui H. from the original article

Second name rumoured to be Hayward, though this is never listed on the record sleeves. Founded Felt in 1979 and has been the singer ever since with both Felt and Denim [also Supermarket & Go-Kart Mozart]. Has written or co-written nearly all the songs and has also played guitar on many of them. Also wrote a couple of songs for Shampoo.

Maurice Deebank
Lead guitarist in the early days of Felt and responsible for much of the music and guitar sound. Made a solo LP in 1984 and finally left the band around 1986. Has since been ripped to pieces by Lawrence at least twice on subsequent releases. Co-wrote the Saint Etienne song "Paper" with Sarah Cracknell. [Lived in Spain with his (former) wife, but acording to rumors came back to England after the divorce. Acording to recent news (2006), he's now a buddhist and lives near Birmingham].

Nick Gilbert
Played bass on the 1982 LP "Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty". [and left during the recording]

Gary Ainge
Played drums for Felt from 1982 until the band's demise in 1989. Also credited with playing vibes on the "Train Above The City" LP. [Played in Fly, in some GKM's gigs and with Subway Sect].

Mick Lloyd
Played bass with Felt on several releases from around 1984.

Marco Thomas
Another bass and guitar player who lasted from around 1986 to 1988. [With Ainge in Fly. After Felt, joined forces with Gary and Martin to form Fly. Their debut album 'Put The Needle Down And Fly' was released on Elefant in 2002. In 2005 formed the San Remo record label after discovery of singer/songwriter Scott Matthews Released an album by psychedelic pop outfit 'The Junipers' in 2008 2014 Sees the release of Scott's fourth album 'Home part 1', an instrumental album he's made with Martin Davies (ex Fly) called 'Future Forest' who go under the name 'Filmonics']

Martin Duffy
Joined the band around 1986 and was responsible for organ, piano, electric piano, synthesiser, vibes, samples and backing vocals. The jazzy Felt stuff was almost completely down to him. Moved on to join Primal Scream after the demise of Felt, after collaborating with them from 1987. [Also colaborated with Fly and with Airstream in the cd "Airstream" - 1992, One Little Indian, cat# 66TP7CD]

John A. Rivers
Backing vocals and production on the "Rain Of Crystal Spires" single and the LP "Forever Breathes The Lonely Word". Has also worked with Talulah Gosh, Dead Can Dance, Sweet Jesus and Venus.

Tony Willé
Played guitars on "Forever Breathes The Lonely Word" and "Poem Of The River". [Formed The Days with ex-Felt Marco Thomas. They played at the last ever Felt gig at Burberries in Birmingham, Marco playing bass for both Felt and the Day. They also played live with Pulp]
[Tony mailed me and talked about his experience with Felt in here].

Richard Thomas
Played soprano sax and cymbals on the singles "The Final Resting Of The Ark" and "Space Blues". A member of the 4AD band Dif Juz, he has also worked with The Cocteau Twins, Moose, The Jesus And Mary Chain and This Mortal Coil.

Robin Guthrie
Played bass on "The Final Resting Of The Ark" and produced some of the Felt records. Most famous as a member of The Cocteau Twins.

Neil Scott
Played guitar on the "Poem Of The River" LP and the single "Space Blues" and other stuff on Creation. Also played guitar with Peter Astor, The Monochrome Set and Everything But The Girl. Made a record for Cherry Red with his own band Summerhill in 1990. Also plays guitar on both Denim LPs. [For more info click here].

Rose McDowall
Sang on the "Space Blues" single and the LP "Me And A Monkey On The Moon". [best known as member of Strawberry Switchblade, Spell and for playing with Current 93]

Frank [Francis] Sweeney
Played viola and violin on Space Blues". [Frank kindly mailed me mentioning his experience with Felt in here]

Mick Bund
The bassist on "The Pictorial Jackson Review" LP [and "Space Blues"]. Co-wrote and played guitar on three songs for Saint Etienne; "Marble Lions" off the LP "Tiger Bay" and "Sushi Rider" and "You Know I'll Miss You When You're Gone" from the "Like A Motorway" single. Best friends with Sarah Cracknell of Saint Etienne. Also a member of Mexico 70.

John Mohan
Lead guitar on "Me And A Monkey On The Moon".

Richard Left
Rhythm guitar on "Me And A Monkey On The Moon".

Robert Young
The bass player on "Me And A Monkey On The Moon". More famous for his involvement over many years with Primal Scream.

Pete Astor
Backing vocals on "Me And A Monkey On The Moon". Well known as the lead singer of The Loft and The Weather Prophets and as a solo artist.

Phil King
Played bass very late on in Felt's existence [Bassist in the Declaration DVD]. Later went on to join See See Rider and is now in Lush. [Lush broke up, meanwhile. Lately he has been involved in GKM's and Fly's life, but never played with them. Played with The Servants (named probably after "Scarlet Servants, from Ignite the 7 cannons?), but lately he's been playing bass guitar with Jesus & The Mary Chain].

Elizabeth Frazer
Sang on "Primitive Painters" and "The Day the Rain Came Down" . Sang in Cocteau Twins.

Mick Travis
Bass on The final resting of the ark" EP.

Tony Race
Plays drums on "Something Sends Me to Sleep" 7".

[Terry Miles
Martin Duffy's cousin is now playing keyboard & backing vocals with GKM (also credited in Denim's Denim on Ice and Novelty Rock). Used to play with Bernard Butler, Airstream and Death In Vegas.]