Denim (Later with Jools Holland)

'Denim are a mixture of '70s glam and new wave powerpop, with Lawrence himself sounding like Lou Reed, if he'd been signed to early '70s label Bell Records (home of the Glitter Band)'. Steve Lamacq reviewing Denim's Denim On Ice for Q Magazine.

Denim formed in 1991, from the ashes of the cult 80s indie band Felt, and are led by Lawrence Hayward. Denim are more a musical collective than a band with a rotating quota of session musicians and ageing alt-rockers among them Maurice Deebank*, sometime collaborator with St Etienne.

Early live shows were haphazard affairs reliant on backing tapes, ageing equipment and unplugged equipment. Despite this frontman Hayward cut an engaging figure, the missing link between Pulp's Jarvis Cocker and a Roxy Music era Brian Eno.

Notable releases from Denim include 1992's Back in Denim, shot through with glam and synth-pop influences, and the epic Denim On Ice (1996).

The latter mocked music journalists and was riddled with insider references to other bands. Over 18 tracks Denim On Ice covered virtually every conceivable genre from New Romantic to pub rock, from pop to Teutonic techno.

Sadly, the big time somehow missed Denim but they did taste it briefly supporting an emergent Pulp on their arena tour of the UK.

There is a glimpse of light on the horizon however. Lawrence Hayward is now working on a new project, Go Kart Mozart. Their debut single Greedy, Stupid and Lazy garnered airplay and received a favourable critical response.

Denim performed:

Middle of the Road

*Webmaster note: this info is incorrect. in fact, Maurice never played with Denim. Thanks N.S. for pointing out the mistake.