Go-Kart Mozart by Elefant records

GO-KART MOZART is the new musical adventure of Lawrence, one of the most outstanding and prolific pop artists that Britain has brought us in the last years. Lawrence’s two previous bands (FELT and DENIM) are now placed among the most excellent and singular names in the history of Uk pop.

Born and dead with the eighties, FELT released ten albums and ten singles throughout this decade -these numbers are not a matter of chance, but the fruit of a plan carefully mastered by Lawrence. FELT made amazing songs full of incredibly beauty crystal guitars and poetic, sensitive lyrics. Taking some personal myths -TELEVISION, VELVET UNDERGROUND, Bob Dylan- as a starting point, FELT created real masterpieces of shocking beauty that unfortunately never achieved the attention and success deserved, and during their long existence they never trespassed the “cult band” tag, and the band split in 1989 after releasing a superb “Me and a monkey on the moon” album. Some of the band members formed a band called FLY, which is about to release their debut album for Elefant pretty soon. In any case FELT’s music gained a lot of passionate fans, and some of them managed to form their own bands. For example, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN’s Stuart Murdoch has always declared himself a true FELT fan, and probably they wouldn’t exist, at least as we know them, if FELT hadn’t been there before. It must be also pointed out one of the first Elefant releases was a “Tribute to FELT” in which bands from all over the world made clear their admiration for Lawrence’s work.

Lawrence reappeared in the early nineties with an amazing new project: DENIM. Always going against the tide, now our hero was up for 70’s glampop, bubbling old synthezisers and some aesthetics very close to what it would be known as britpop some years later. Though the tremendous commercial potential of some DENIM hits, it was too much too soon again, and the band’s three albums didn’t manage to reach the commercial success Lawrence has always admitted he’s unashamedly looking for.

What’s Lawrence up to in the twenty-first century? He wants to place DENIM in the back burner for some time, and he’s currently working on his first solo album to be released soon by Poptones label. This label is run by Alan Mc Gee, who used to run Creation, the label that put out most albums by FELT.

In the meantime Lawrence has created a new project: GO-KART MOZART, something closer to DENIM than to FELT, as fizzy techno-pop, irony and kitsch are again the key elements. The title of this album (“Instant wigwam and igloo mixture”) leaves it clear.

Elefant releases this album in Spain, enhanced with an exclusive new track: “Elephant trunk”.