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September 2018
.Scroll down please to the gig dates for 2018. Go-Kart Mozart will return to London in october....and probably I'll be there to cheer!

Exclusive to Cherry Red.
The first Official Felt and Go Kart Mozart T-Shirt!

White Tee with red collars, Go Kart Mozart logo centre chest and Purple Felt logo centre chest on Pink Tee.



And on the 21st of September, the rest of the Felt boxset will be released: Train above the city, The Pictorial Jackson Review, Forever Breathes...., Me and a Monkey and my favorite, Poem of the river)
Check it here: http://thefeltdecade.com/felt-story/

June 2018
Latest news on Lawrence/Felt/Go-Kart Mozart
- New gigs. Check Youtube to see Go-Kart Mozart's live performance
- Click here to listen to Alan McGee - Signing Felt (Interview by Iain McNay)
- Also, in the Multimedia section, don't forget to hear a 2013 radio session in Marc Riley's show.

April 2018

- Rui Miguel Abreu from Blitz Magazine (Portugal) interview with Lawrence
- Cedric Rouquette from Magicrpm Magazine
article on Lawrence
- Loads of uploads (music! articles! reviews!). Denim Radio Sessions and more more more (check multimedia section)

March 2018

=== Go-Kart Mozart
European Tour ===

20 FEB
Go-Kart Mozart
Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton (20h)
21 FEB
Go-Kart Mozart
Social Fitzrovia, London (19h)
24 MAR
Go-Kart Mozart
The Lexington, London
14 APR
Go-Kart Mozart
The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
Go-Kart Mozart
Ramsgate Music Hall
17 MAY
Go-Kart Mozart
Riche Lilla Baren - Stockholm, Sweeden (21:30)
28 JUN
Go-Kart Mozart
The White Hotel, Salford (20:30)
29 JUN
Go-Kart Mozart
The Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle (21h)
Go-Kart Mozart + The Leaking Machine (ex Mighty Mighty) and DJ Mack
Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
27 JUL
Go-Kart Mozart + Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band
Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin (19h)

3-4 AUG

Go-Kart Mozart
Gijón - Tsunami Xixón , Spain
Go-Kart Mozart + Special Guests
Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (20h)
22 SEP
Go-Kart Mozart
Paris Popfest, France
Go-Kart Mozart
The Printworks, Hastings (19:30)
17 OCT
Go-Kart Mozart
`Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland (19h)
18 OCT
Go-Kart Mozart
The Buyers Club, Liverpool (19:30)
26 OCT
Go-Kart Mozart
Moth Club, London (19h)
Go-Kart Mozart
Exchange, Bristol (19:30)

Here's the latest Articles on Lawrence/Felt/Go-Kart Mozart
- Lawrence, by Ted Kessler (Q Magazine)

- Go-Kart Mozart / Track by Track, by Victor Thimonier (Section 26) (to get a translation, click on the mouse's right button>translate)

- Dismantled King Back On His Throne: The Strange World Of… Lawrence, by Ben Graham (The Quietus)
- Go-Kart Mozart – Mozart’s Mini Mart – Album Review, by Ian Canty (Louder than War)
- Here Lies Lawrence, The Best Pop Star the World Never Really Knew, by Josh Baines (Noisey)
- Strong Melodies For Humdrum Lives: The Singular Vision Of Lawrence, by Hayley Scott (Clash Music)
- This is how Maurice Deebank Felt, by Ancient Champion (Outsideleft) - Maurice Deebank
resurfaces and helds an important interview (thanks for the words Crystal and Lee)
- Me and the magical mystery of Felt, by Nick Triani (One Quart Magazine)

Radio/podcast Sessions
Lawrence will be on the Luke Haines 'Righteous in the Afternoon' show - Boogaloo Radio (27/3/2018) (2-4pm)

Lawrence Interviewed by Hunter - Juicebox Music Podcast (13/3/2018) - link taken from the explendid GKM facebook page
- Lawrence with David Eastaugh -The C86 Show - Future Radio (12/3/2018)
- Lawrence in conversation with Gideon Coe, on BBC6
- Lawrence in Morning Glory, on Soho Radio
- Go-Kart Mozart live session and interview with Marc Riley, on BBC Radio 6 Music (also here)

.Here's what's included for Golden Tickets owners (Golden Ticket holders will need to be available from 3.30pm on the day of the Lexington show):
- Entrance to the evening show at The Lexington, London N1.
- An exclusive, private screening of the film “Lawrence of Belgravia” at an intimate theatre within walking distance of The Lexington.
- Following the film presentation, Q editor Ted Kessler will be joined by director Paul Kelly and Lawrence for a Q&A session.
- An A3 print of the poster used to promote the show.

February 2018
.In this site's Felt Forum we've got fresh news from planet Lawrence. Take a peek, leave a comment:
Lawrence interview on BBC6, already some reviews on the Felt reissues and more more more on the 14th april

: Go-Kart Mozart will be playing at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, on the 14th april.

January 2018





Lawrence is as modern as the morning and in high demand!

People of the past were known to use that most notable phrase: 'to blow your mind' – I think it is time to scatter the dust off this old expression and to reinstate it because I can think of no better epithet to describe the effect these songs will have on the discerning listener other than to say they will positively 'blow your mind'!!

Following the announcement of a Go-Kart Mozart appearance at The Social Fitzrovia, on 21st February, tickets flew out of the door and sold out in less than an hour.

So, here’s a second show and we’re expecting high demand for this one too.

Be modern. Come and have your mind blown by Go-Kart Mozart, live in Mozart's Mini-Mart with special guests:

Tickets are priced £12 plus booking fee and Golden tickets at £32 plus booking fee. Tickets will go on sale at 9.00am on Monday 5th February exclusively from: www.4533.co.uk.

Subscribers to the 4533 mailing list will be sent details of exclusive pre-sale tickets available from Friday 2nd February, as well as an announcement regarding the golden ticket option.”

.For Future events, please leave your name and email address in here www.4533.co.uk and they’ll be in touch soon with any news of future events.
I can guarantee you won't regret.

.Also, on the bottom of this page you have my MAILING LIST. No Spam, no crap. Just Lawrence, ok?

.THE FUTURE WIIL TAKE PLACE IN FEBRUARY. Don't forget these 3 major events
1) According to Cherry Red, February will see the release of Go Kart Mozart's - Mozart's Mini-Mart...
2) and the reissue of the first 5 Felt albums and later reissue of the other 5 Felt albums.
3) Go-Kart Mozart presentation gig:




People of the past were known to use that most notable phrase: ‘to blow your mind’ – I think it is time to scatter the dust off this old expression and to reinstate it because I can think of no better epithet to describe the effect these songs will have on the discerning listener other than to say they will positively ‘blow your mind’!!

Come and have your mind blown by Go-Kart Mozart live at the Mozart’s Mini-Mart album launch party. Includes appearances from special guest DJs.

Tickets, priced £8 (+ booking fee) will go on sale at 9.00am on Thursday 25th January exclusively from: www.4533.co.uk

July 2017

Definetely this ain't been a good year for ex-bass players.
First Mick Lloyd last summer, now...Mick Bund.
I've been informed that Mick Bund (played bass on Pictorial Jackson Review and Space Blues) died last week from heart attack.
My condolecences to family, friends and fans. Fortunately, death is not the end for good artists.
They won't be forgotten
(pic taken from Mickey's Facebook pages)

+++ Sad news for all Felt fans. +++

Felt bassist Mick Lloyd died last summer, 28thJuly 2016. Acording to friends, he had moved to Wales and lived in Fairbourne.
This is the Facebook memorial page: In Memory of Mick ( H Bomb ) Lloyd.
Thanks for your music and photos Mick!


.According to the Lawrence interview in Kennedy Magazine: 2017 will see the reissue of the first five Felt albums >> the release of a NEW Go-Kart Mozart ALBUM!!! >> and later reissue of the other five Felt albums.
All this to be released on Cherry Red Records!!! (info taken from the GKM Facebook page)

.It was 25 years ago. Back in Denim was released and the musical webzine Soul Kitchen celebrates interviewing Neil Scott (Felt and Denim guitar player), Steven Hall and Cymon Eckel (from Boy’s Own Recordings label), Brian O’Shaughnessy (Back in Denim sound engineer) and Christophe Basterra (musical journalist and Felt expertee).
French and english article in here.

Musician and writer JC Brouchard (wrote Ballad of a fan, remember?), wrote wonderful posts and updates regarding Lawrence and Felt. Pay a visit to his FB page.

July 2016

It's finnally out!
Paul Kelly's "Lawrence of Belgravia" is being released from Heavenly Films.
You can pre-order immediately (2000 copies).
I've got mine already

Probably a fake.
I retrieved all possible information from Discogs, According to them, this is a 12" bootleg disc containing demos from 1984 albums "The Strange Idols...." and "The Spendour of Fear".
I don't know almost nothing about the label (Arkain Filloux), except that it's from Belgium.

January 2016

.So, check this cover. Another variation of Index cover

November 2015

For those unaware, "Filmonics is a brand new electronic sound-scape band, featuring Marco Thomas and Martin Davies from Fly.
Fly released their debut album 'Put the Needle Down and Fly' on Spanish based record label, Elefant, back in 2002.
The album also featured contributions from Primal Scream's Martin Duffy."

Get it here or here and see updates in their FB page

Filmonics album is now available from the San Remo Records website

You can glimpse them in https://soundcloud.com/filmonics and you can tweet them @Filmonics (Twitter)

.Click here to see wonderful pics from Felt’s Farewell Tour, December 1989, Moles, Bath

.More pics taken from the Felt book in here

.Do you want a 'Lawrence T-Shirt'? buy it here at Heathers!

July 2014

.Do you remember MARCO THOMAS?

In 2005, formed the San Remo record label, after the discovery of singer/songwriter Scott Matthews.

Released an album by psychedelic pop outfit 'The Junipers' in 2008 .

.July 2014 sees the release of an instrumental album he's made with Martin Davies (from Fly) called 'Future Forest' going under the name 'FILMONICS'

Filmonics album is now available from the San Remo Records website

Filmonics are presenting the album at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton, UK - 14th November 2014

You can glimpse them in https://soundcloud.com/filmonics and you can tweet them @Filmonics (Twitter)

.And here's the rest of the best: I arranged a Q&A with Marco, opened to all you Felt/Fly/Filmonics fans!!!

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